Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love at First Sight

I dont know how I had time in August during the "TODAY Show" rush to look at carpets for the basement but some how I found a few spare minutes and spotted these Asmara rugs a The Kellogg Collection. I took these two options home to see what might work best. I must say I loved the red but it was the green version that I really had to have.
I showed my husband and he inquired "Is it Expensive?"
Seriously, we have been married for 15 years. It seems like a silly question.
 I had 4 options on how to respond.
1. Lie and reply "No"
2. Ask him to "Define Expensive"
3.  Ask if something is really "expensive" if you love it, use it every day and have it for years?
4. Say,"I'm paying for it, why do you care?"
I looked him right in the eye, shook my head left to right and said "No". (then I made sure Kellogg removed the price tag before I brought it home)
Anyway, the beautiful rug is lying on our new hardwood floors and waiting for a few upholstered pieces to complete the area.
I have found a few great fabric options and am contemplating between a chenille or velvet.
Photos are taken w. my ipad on the fly so excuse the clutter......
PS. Can you tell what book I am reading based on the questionnaire???? (Gone Girl)

checking out the rug with the hardwood floor samples.

My favorites are the green chenile by Duralee in the book on the left (green sample on right) and the dark green velvet by Robert Allen in the book on the right.

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