Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Feature Presentation

I had the best intentions to make home-made Chocolate Fudge for all my neighbors, wrap in a glossy white window box with a ribbon and a custom HPD sticker. I had all the ingredients but in my over scheduled last days before Christmas I neglected to actually block off a few hours to get it done!
So, I ran to Target after the holidays and went with less time consuming but equally thoughtful Plan B.... Movie Gift Packs. They were a huge hit with the kids in my neighborhood!
I purchased the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn in the Microwave Bucket and filled a few packages of movie theater size candy and a movie. There were several new movie options to choose from including Diary of Wimpy Kid, Brave and Ice Age. I wrapped the buckets in clear plastic, tied with a ribbon and adhered a HPD sticker and then the boys and I delivered them to my neighbors.
If you you were running a bit behind like me perhaps you can deliver a few "Happy New Year" gifts this week or file it under "ideas" for next year!

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