Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Thin Ice!

My new "go to gift" - personalized framed print
Skates painted just for Lily's big day!
My assistant helping me assemble the party favors
Kim purchased these fun flavored chap sticks at Target
Prototype - looking good but something is missing....
New use for Place Cards - they are the perfect size to staple on top of a goody bag
I ran out to Michael's at the last minute to pick up this raffia for the goody bags. They needed a bit of color.
Candy Bar assembly is very easy - just a bit of tape is needed

This new image of iceskates arrived just in time for me to assist my friend Kim in making the party favors for her daughter Lily's 8th birthday. A very special day as we have been included in all the previous 7 celebrations! My assistant Jackson and I worked together to assemble the party favors. The entire ensemble was a huge hit with the kids! These are just my amateur pictures but professional ones including all the final products are on the way from Tina Bazala Photography. More to follow.

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