Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School - Lunch Box Notes

Hampton Paper Lunch Box notes are the perfect way make your child's lunch more special. Wish them good luck on a test or at a sporting event or just let them know you are thinking of them! It will surely be something they will remember for years to come!

150 sheets of 4 x 4 notepad paper in an acrylic tray for $26.00. As always, any image is available. Available today on Etsy

The truck is Jackson's favorite new image. He was thrilled when there was an actual dump truck in the back yard when the pool was built. Ohhh to seek joy in such small things!

Clearly the bus is my new fav image. I cant get enough if its charm!

I re-wrote this like 5 times. I have the worst handwriting. It makes me cringe!

Here are a few image and wording ideas. Fonts are 1. Rockford 2. Burst My Bubble 3. Carlton and 4. Topeka.

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