Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Degrees of Separation: My Girl Jackie O

So by know you probably know I am obsessed with my girl, Jackie O. Can you imagine my excitement when I received a cookbook written by Marta Sgubin who knew Jackie personally? Seriously, 3 tiny degrees of separation between me and my idol.

Marta started out as a governess to Caroline and John and then her role changed to become a housekeeper and finally Jackie's friend. Marta is a gifted cook so naturally her role included cooking for Jackie, whom she affectionately called "Madam", and the family. The pictures in the book, Cooking for Madam are so intimate and personal and I cant wait to try some of the amazing recipes. First on my list, Summer Spaghetti Salad. It looks delicious!

Ever so elegant, Jackie.

Personal note from Marta to me on the front cover.

Marta's cookbook

I am for sure going to put one of my Hampton Paper cookbook labels in the front of this book!

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