Friday, August 5, 2011

The Perfect Baby Gift

I know I promised to share a new Hampton Paper product with you this week and I didn't want let you down!

So, here it is.... a beautiful decorative baby pillow that is really the perfect gift for a new baby! Classic and timeless and those of us who have brought a newborn home from the hospital you know how fabulous it is to see the baby's name written out!

There are two format options to choose from; image on top or image in the center.

Choose from 8 embroidered images: Pink Elephant, Green Elephant, Giraffe, Whale, Dog, Alligator, Boat or Wagon.

I am totally spoiling a surprise with this blog by showing the completed pillow but I just couldn't wait to share these with you. We will have it up on the web site soon but if you just cant wait, send me an email! ($60.00 each)

Shipping this gift tomorrow to a very special baby!

Totally my favorite. Love this font!

This one is great for a boy or girl.

This is a great options for someone who loves dogs.

Love the color combo on this one -so soothing.

All time favorite image from our clients. Those wheels get you every time!

Another great option for a boy or girl.

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