Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shhhh...The Baby is Sleeping

Thomas's Nursery in our old house. Loved that monogram so much! Can you see the bumper in the crib? I only used it in the photo. (in retrospect a waste of money...ohh but I had to have the complete bedding set when I ordered it!). The bedding is from Peacock Alley.com

Another angle of the nursery. That little chair that matched was a great shower gift I received.

I made a custom bulletin board with the fabric and hung up birth announcements, pictures, birthday invitations etc from friends. Also on the wall I framed the Crane's birth announcement, a calling card from William Arthur and my baby shower invitation. This is a great and inexpensive way to personalize a nursery.

Jackson's room "before" - a lonely bare wall.

Corinne getting the stencil ready

Ta Da!!

"Shhh, the baby is sleeping" are words I never had the opportunity to utter since my oldest son, Thomas, never slept. That didnt stop me from spending time in his nursery as it was my favorite room in my old house.

The color was the perfect green (1/2 Sagey from Behr) and the creme de le creme was the monogram on the wall painted by Corinne Marlowe. It was a great addition to the room - so my style - classic, crisp and totally personalized! ( I did have this idea before it was in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. just sayin'......)

When I moved Thomas to a big boy room and called Corrine to change the monogram I was so emotional about it. I just loved that little TMB on the wall! I watched in sadness as she painted over the T and B and added a J and L.

I recently called Corrine to have her paint a monogram on Jackson's room. I decided to keep the same green as I just loved the Central Park Toile fabric. I had a duvet made for Jackson bed and I figured I could get another year out of it before Jackson is too old and will consider it babyish.

When I invited Corrine to come by - she was surprised I hadn't cut out the wall board before I moved. If I had thought it was possible I would have! Luckily for a mere $150.00 I was able to recreate one of the things I miss most about my first house.

First 3 photos by Tina Bazala Photography. I had to scan them in as circa 2003 film was still the optimal choice for professional photography!

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