Friday, June 8, 2012

Feeling Nostalgic

I was driving home from the gym on Tuesday evening, on a beautiful June night, one with no humidity which is rare for Washington, DC this time of year and Meatloaf's, Bat out of Hell came on the radio. I was instantly reeled back to 1978. I rolled the windows down, opened the sun roof, cranked up the volume way to high for a woman of my age and sang my little heart out.

The summer of '78 was when my dad introduced my sister and me to this album. We listened to it non stop all summer. It was the tune he turned on the record player (yes, record player, technology wise we weren't even up to the ones that you could stack records at that point!) at 6:15am sharp on Saturday mornings to wake us up to get ready to go to Jones Beach.  By 6:45 we were down in the garage of his Apt on 69th Street in NYC  - piling in his silver BMW - around the block to the deli to get our sandwiches and on the road to Jones Beach by 7:00 am. ( I know total torture) My dad loved the beach and he would only go to Jones Beach # 2 or #6 so we paid the price by hitting the road early. We listened to the album in the car on the Maxwell tape he recorded himself (my dad never bought the pre-made tapes as the quality wasn't up to his standards!) cranked up the volume, all windows rolled down - not a care in the world.

That summer was also the one that I took my first trip to Fire Island. Now before you make a face, back in 1978 Fire Island was a total hot spot and everyone wanted to spend the summer there. Lucky for us, good friends had rented a house for the summer so we were in! One quick ferry ride and I instantly knew what all the fuss was about. My dad introduced Meatloaf to his friends Stuart and Ellen and I remember  standing in the kitchen singing Paradise By the Dashboard Light.

So, on Tues for just a moment I was back in the summer of '78.
 What's the summer song that brings you back to a great summer day of years gone past?

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