Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Forty One and.....

Last week was my birthday. I am not ashamed to admit I am 41. Yes, that means I was born in the 70s - 1971 to be exact. I am a Gemini. It usually comes as no surprise to anyone who has met me.  I received a number of notes from my younger friends thanking me for "breaking it in for them". No comment. What I will say to those of you who are younger, 41 is way better than 40. I was filled with incredible dread a few days before 40 but not with 41. (I will admit since 35 I am reluctant for 5/31 to roll around but I perk right back up when the gifts start rolling in!!)

Here are a few of the goodies I received. Maybe some good ideas if you are looking for a gift for a girl woman of a certain age! Aren't I lucky?

One one of my bday cards - so true. I would prefer the LV Train Case for my make up. Just FYI for next year.

Totally love Limoges and bone china  boxes from Tiffany. This one is adorned with great NYC landmarks. 

So this nail polish really deserves a blog of its own. I just discovered it about 2 weeks ago and its AMAZING! Really, my reaction upon trying it was- "Where has this been all my life?"  Apparently my friend just disoveed it too because she gave me "Fast Girls" as a gift which quick dries your nailpolish. Run don't walk to pick this up!!!
Love this new linen Shirt from Calypso

AG Ankle Length Jeans
One of my friends always buys me a great book for my birthday. This year was no exception. I am obsessed with the pics in this book and cant wait to try some of the recipes.
I admit I am bit afraid of candles (we had a fire in our house a few years back not from a candle but still scary) but I was thrilled to get this one which smells incredible Bob's Flower Shoppe by  Trapp - even when its not lit! Also, its my lucky number, 13.

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