Monday, January 21, 2013

Jackson's Sports Party: Favor Boxes

The responses are pouring in for Jackson's 6th Birthday celebration with lots of fabulous comments like there is no more fitting party than one with a sports theme for Jackson. Jackson loves sports, all of them... football, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, car racing, soccer, men's, women's, high school, college, professional - doesn't make a difference to him. He will turn on the TV, find an event pick a team and start cheering. (had I not been in the delivery room when he was born, I would be convinced we weren't related)

I received lots of compliments on the invitations and one note of surprise to the fact that the return address labels (sq solid stickers with all 3 images)  were perfectly coordinated with the same images (umm hello, why would this surprise someone about me?!).  I Just want to be sure our guest know they are in for a good time from the moment the invitations arrive!

I took a quick break from working on Valentine's Day orders to work on the favors. Totally love our new basketball image. (thank you Lucy!!) It completed the look for the theme.

I used the large round stickers without the dots for these Chinese to go boxes. (they are filled with candy and cookies)

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