Friday, January 18, 2013


I do have a passion for wallpaper and as you may recall if you read the interview I did late last year for Le Papier Studio wallpaper was on my list of  new products I wanted to roll out in 2013.

 If you stop by my house dont be surprised if there is HPD wallpaper in every room on every floor.I especially love wallpaper in a powder room and a closet. It gives the space an element of surprise!

By the way, where was this when I needed fabulous backdrops for my candy tables at the kids parties? Wallpaper is a wonderful solution as its easy to tack or tape to the wall or a board and it doesn't wrinkle like fabric.

I have been working on this blog for over an hour and could just keep going.....Enjoy your weekend!!
Wouldn't this be adorable in a dressing room of a girls boutique?
Game Room.
Great idea for a basement or game room.

Fun for a dentist office or child's bathroom.
Tween Girls Room.
Love this for a closet in a little girls room for a little surprise. Also for anyone who loves William & Kate.
Adorable for a boys room.

My son Jackson would put this in his room + bathroom + closet + ceiling!

My friend Kim will love this one. The peacock is one of her fav images.

Adorable for a Dr.'s office of a little girls room.
Fabulous for a beach house!
For anyone who lives in Fenwick.
For someone who has a lifetime membership to Rolling Stone Magazine (ie RPL)

My fav. Maybe in the kids computer room.

For the sports enthusiast.

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