Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Party - Prep is in High Gear

I have been busy all weekend preparing for our 1st Annual Back to School Party! I was in SFO last week so I was a tiny bit behind in my shopping. I was shocked to see the shelves literally cleaned out at Office Depot, Staples and Target.

Back in the old days ( ie the 80s) you bought school supplies after school started. Remember? On the first day you got a list which was probably copied on a dare I say it, a carbon copy machine. Anyway, I was able to find some great deals once I ventured out to a few different Target Stores. I am so excited to show you our school supply table. Here is a sneak peak. Now that this is somewhat under control, I can focus on the candy table!

These gable boxes are perfect for the kids to use to collect their school supplies. Stickers are HPD square large.

These bookmarks are a great way to encourage reading! Last night, Thomas and I were reading one of my favorite kids books (published in 1973, yikes) How to Eat Friend Worms.

Ahhh, does anything say back to school better than a pink pearl eraser?

I was so psyched to score these composition notepads in the "perfect" yellow/orange color at Target for only$.40 each. I am going to do a sticker over the front with an image and 2011-2012. Cant wait to see how they turn out.

A new box of markers - perfect for the young artists... ($1.24 at Target)

Colored Pencils ($1.24 at Target)

Crayola Crayons probably the medium of choice for many famous artists when they started ( Target .65 each )

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