Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fairy Tale Interrupted

Rosemarie Terenzio starts her new book Fairy Tale Interrupted by saying "Two types of people exist in the world: those who are obsessed with the Kennedys and those who aren't" Clearly I fit in the first camp. I am obsessed with all things Jackie and Kennedy which is why I had to buy this book. I read it cover to cover and really enjoyed it. Rose Marie shares her experiences working with John and her relationship and unparalleled loyalty to JFK Jr. She shares some fun stories and great lessons. Its evident she held him in high regard and like many was in awe at times of his elegance, class and grace.
So, now I move on to Once Upon a Secret by Mimi Alford. I am intrigued by life in the 60s. Wishing I had gone to Miss Porter's School in CT too!
Since I am engrossed in all things Kennedy at the moment, I pulled out these CDs I received as a gift at Christmas to listen to in my car. The recordings with Jackie were made only 4 months after JFK's assination. I am sure they will be interesting. 20-30 min in and I am only on the introduction!

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