Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Get This Project Started!

After literally months of planning I am finally getting this project started! I ran into a good friend yesterday and told her I was running to check on the status of the project and my elaborate plans. Her response was sheer laughter and commented I need a girl! Since that is not going to happen, I am so grateful that Thomas has an appreciation for nice things.

I snapped this photo so quickly just yesterday morning right before Aldo arrived to start the transformation!
Here's Thomas bathroom - the Ralph Lauren Nautical wallpaper (Rowthorne Crest Admiral)is going up March 5th and the Ralph Lauren Orange and White stripe(Stand Stripe Tiger Lily) shower curtain is being custom made.
This is yesterday afternoon. Aldo and I looking at where to place the chair rail (36 inches in standard - who knew). My assist Jackson is distracted by the Giraffe and has his hockey stick in hand as he is nagging me to come play the 2nd period in our game.
This is taken today around 4:30. Crown molding and chair rail installed and Aldo stared working on painting below the chair rail white. Its hard to see the transformation in the photos but wow, its amazing what a little wood work can do! It gives the entire room a polished feeling. Can't wait for tomorrow!
Just ordered the striped paper (Ralph Lauren Gable Stripe - French Blue) for the closet.... I know.... I have to stop.

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