Friday, March 11, 2011

Bringing Paris Home

Kathi Haley from KSH Interiors found inspiration in this photo. So beautiful!
So many great ideas in this book.
We choose to use 2 of these chandeliers by Niemann Weeks for lighting . If you havent see this line before you must check it out. I think offers such a fresh approach to a traditional chandelier and there are just so many options.

A beautiful sample done by artist Bryan King from Artifice Inc. Bryan has done work at many prestigious sites including The US Capitol. Kathi Haley from KSH Interiors and I just loved the quiet movement.

Another sample from Byran King - not quite what we were looking for as its made to be in a panel but again, what a true piece of art!

Kathi and I loved the linen background on this one and decided we should try to incorporate that same look and feel into what we choose to do.

This was the carpet we choose - It's to die for in person as the colors and pattern are magnificent. We decided to use this as the inspiration for the walls in the dining room and make a stencil of one of the designs.

I love, love, love it and cant wait for Matt from Coe & Son to bring it by next Saturday!

This was what we choose for the living room. I had seen it in blue and kept coming back to the simplicity and movement. It is the perfect compliment to the Abusson above.

This carpet was a finalist - the color is that perfect straw not too yellow and not too brown. It's stunning in person. Given the size of the dining room we decided that the one with multiple colors was the way to go.

Painting should be done next week. We will keep you posted on the progress.


  1. you may enjoy this blog...

  2. ohh I do- will follow it. thanks for the recommendation!