Friday, March 11, 2011

Before Pictures: The Dining Room

Dining room "before" 2 large sconces on the wall we decided to remove. They are for is this china cabinet -its lovely but just not quite right for this space. (wait till you see its replacement!)

Aldo getting ready to take down the paper. One large chandelier (also for sale!) will be removed and replaced with 2 smaller ones.

I am so bummed I didnt get good "before" photos of the dinning room. I have been living here for months and I totally forgot! On the morning of Aldo's arrive I raced down to snap a few but Aldo had already gotten to work. I think this is the same day I told him I wanted to repaint the entire kitchen - he probably knew he needed to get right to work!

I will tell you I received mixed reviews on the wallpaper. In the end, I decided it was just a bit dated. The dining room is on the left when you first walk into the house and I just knew it had to be something special that caught your eye and set the tone for what the rest of the house would be like.. full of surprises.

My first choice was to just wallpaper over it ( I am actually a big fan of wallpaper - especially in a big space) but couldn't find anything that I loved. Where has all the good wallpaper gone? If you know of a good resource, please share it with me! The DC Design Center unfortunately doesn't have the inventory it use to and most of the home stores in this area like Home Expo have closed. It's such a sad reflection on the state of the economy.

In the end, we found an alternative and all the fixings to make the dinning room fabulous.

Inspiration photos will be shared tomorrow!

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