Friday, March 18, 2011

A Royal Reception

I vividly remember Princess Diana's wedding. I watched in awe as she got out of her horse drawn carriage and we got our first glimpse of her fairy tale dress with it's puffy sleeves and never -ending train. At that moment, my fondest wish was to be a part of that wedding party.

Now, there is another royal wedding just around the corner and I am excited to see if it will have the same magic as Diana's

My friends and I have engaged in detailed discussions about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. What will she wear? What will he wear? (ok maybe we aren't super interested in what he is wearing!) We know that like Diana before her, whatever Kate wears is sure to have companies clamoring to reproduce her dress. They will start trends (see above mentioned puffy sleeves) that will surely influence the style of weddings for the next few years. I can already hear the chorus of brides to be telling their wedding planners "you know, like Kate and William had..."

Of course we are going to celebrate. Since hotel options are limited in London at this point and camping out in a tent at the park across the street isnt really my style (you know I am not the outdoors type ) we decided to have a Royal Reception! I wouldn't miss the live broadcast (yes I realize that is 4:00 am EST) but we plan to record it so we can toast the happy couple at our own celebration.

Hampton Paper is working on designing an image fit for royalty. Be sure to check out or list of new images in the next few weeks to see what we came up with.

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