Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2012 Calendar It Might Be Our Best Yet!

There is something so elegant about this snowflake... with the glitter on it, it's to die for!

This was a custom image for a wedding for one of the artist, Lucy's friends. It's been a best seller since we added it to the web site. On the glitter, its a combo of pink and red based on the colors on the flowers and boy does it pop!

I liked the idea of "luck" in March but in a non traditional icon, a horse shoe vs a shamrock. Do you like it?

April seem so synonymous with earth day these days. I know I have mentioned this before, but when I was in college at the University of VT in 1989-1993 (yikes!) Earth day was a MAJOR holiday. Believe me, they recycled WAY before it was cool to do so.

I choose this for May as of course May brings us one of my fav holidays, Mother's Day. My mom, who lives in SC is a Master Gardener and has an award winning garden full of the most beautiful flowers and vegetables. In addition, there is an amazing fish pond, with a lovely waterfall and of course to the frogs who live there's delight, lilies.

Lucy painted this image of the grill for my dad. He loves his charcoal, yes I did say charcoal grill. My dad for as long as I have known him (ie my entire life) has had a charcoal grill. My dad thinks that there is a certain flavor lent to the foods that are only offered by the charcoal version and a gas grill wont suffice. Needless to say it causes some conflicts with my personal chef, Greg, as he equally loves his gas grill and thinks the way my dad grills on the charcoal burns everything... but that is a blog for another day called "Battle of the Grills"!

I'm addicted to Popsicles. Yep, call it the skinny girl diet if you will but I eat Popsicles ALL year round! Recently I have discovered Edy's Lemon flavor - all natural at 80 cal - you can beat it for a sweet tooth. On the average day though, I love just the basic Popsicle brand from Target. Growing up I was a huge fan of the red, white and blue "Bomb Pop". If you are from Gen X you know what I am talking' about!

Here Comes the Sun - in DC Aug is full of it- pure delight.

I know I am obsessed with this school bus image. I wanted it for so long and now I use it on everything. Nothing says back to school like this bus and Lucy painted it so perfectly - the color is that perfect yellow orange and look is so nostalgic.

Ahh, the simplicity of a carved pumpkin. Mine don't typically look like this (unless I do it) as my husband Greg spends hours using templates and multiple carving tools to ensure they are the best in the neighborhood.

There are squirrels everywhere in DC. I am still trying to understand the tourists fascination with them in our nation's capital. If you know, please tell me!

These trees Lucy did last year remind me so much of upstate NY. With the winter long and cold, outside you always saw rows of evergreen trees. Have you ever gone to a tree farm to cut down your own Christmas tree? I haven't. Maybe I should add it to my bucket list.

Calendar makes a great gift. It comes with an 8 inch silver easel and a custom box.

HPD 2012 Calendar 64.00

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