Monday, September 19, 2011

HPD FAQ: Can I Change the Optional Font Color?

I have been meaning to write some FAQ blogs about HPD for what seems like forever! I am finally getting it together. As you may know for every image you have black as a font option or a color (OFC), that is pulled directly from the image to ensure a perfect match. We do out best to pull a color that will look great for the font and the border if there is one and also try to choose something dark enough so its it can easily been seen. However, we realize perhaps you have something else in mind! Maybe its a different color from the image or just another color all together. So, for our first most frequently asked question, "Can I change the optional font color?" The answer is... "YES! Absolutely". If you are about to ask, "Is there a charge?" I will save you the time and reply "No!"

An example is shown below of a client who wanted blue as the OFC with the horse. Its helpful if you guide us in the color blue you would like. This client wanted the blue from the Adirondack chair. Want to see a proof to ensure it looks like what you had in mind. No problem either. Just let us know. And before you get to that next question, "Is there a charge for the proof? "Nope"!

Please let us know how we can help you get exaclty what you are looking for!

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