Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Devil is in the Details- T -1

Not quite sure why I still have so much left to do. My list keeps growing instead of shrinking.

Greg wanted to know if I wanted to change prior to this photo. (perhaps he doesn't like my new Jcrew weekend wear?)

Bows around the scoops. It just has to have one!

Sticking name tags on the goodie boxes for the school supplies.

Stickers for the Candy Boxes.

If I was 8, I would be thrilled to enter a party and see my name on a big favor box! Need to run to Michael's for more ribbon. This sea foam green paint (which was there when I moved it) clashes with my party colors, do you think there is time to paint?

Yippee, Target replenished some school supplies and finally there was enough Elmer's glue ( I need atleast 25 bottles). What says back to school more than glue and pencils? I had to have it. Seriously I think I was the only person there that wasnt after the Missioni clothes but believe me I snatched up this glue with similar enthusiasm!

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