Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To School Party T-6

We are down to less than one week. I am not as far along as I had hoped due to some time sensitive orders that had to go out. I hope to make up some time tonight! Sorry the pics aren't the greatest quality ( I was rushing and I am a terrible photographer). There are some great ideas here that can be used across multiple party themes.

Love the way the stickers match the composition notepad perfectly!

The large square labels are the perfect size for these baskets.

Always my fav, Hershey bars. They went quickly at the last party once the kids discovered what was inside!

Cupcake toppers. I am going to order white frosting and just add orange sprinkles. I am still a bit unhinged from the red spray painted cupcakes from the firetruck party. (when did red frosting become spray painted white and not actual red frosting? Horrifying. The photos still make me cringe)

The photo doesn't due this justice! It looks so great in person. I hope these bookmarks will encourage some good reading this year for the kids.

I copied this idea from someone. Cant quite remember who but if it was your idea and you are reading this, thank you!

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