Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

Umm no, definitely not in my world, Perfectville. I am finalizing the 2012 calendars. I just love, love, love they way they have turned out. There were many iterations before the final. I know it may seem easy - choose a few images that corresponds to the given month and call it a day but... its actually more complicated that that! The selection of the images is actually challenging. There are a couple of considerations, image with each month, images back to back, overall colors from month to month. Image size and scale to ensure balance. An last but not least, the glitter is colors have to be just right! Here is an example. I am just finishing the cal - will post shortly. You will love it too!

Not sure if you can see from the photo but the bottom sun only has yellow. I added some orange glitter to the top one to give it some color and more definition. Now, its just right!

For the pink Popsicle I used dark pink (on the top) and light pink (on the bottom). The light pink reads better - more subtle and doesn't steal the show!

HPD 2012 Calendars 64.00w with box and 8 inch sliver stand

Refill 32.00 Calendar Only.

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