Friday, September 30, 2011

Adirondack Balloon Festival - Image Inspiration

I am often asked where the ideas for the images for Hampton Paper come from so I thought I would share some background on the hot air balloon. This image, as with many, comes for a nostalgic childhood experience.

As you may know, I grew up in Glens Falls, NY (for the most part) and one of the big celebrations every fall was the Adirondack Balloon Festival. We went every year and if you have never been, I suggest you add it to your bucket list! There is something so beautiful and peaceful about getting up early (I mean really early like 5:00 am- balloons launch around 6:30 am) and watching those huge balloons fill with air and rise so gracefully to the sky. We were rewarded with breakfast after the festival, usually, cider and donuts from Sutton's (back when Sutton's was a small farmer's market/bakery!)

This year they celebrated their 36th anniversary. (doing the math these photos must have been around the 8th year)

This is the invitation sample from our retail store binders. I lived in Bedford Close on Lantern Hill Road. While I may provide the idea for the image, the amazing interpretation is all from our artist,Lucy. The details and colors on our hot air balloon image are bright, vibrant and fun. I love these two kids peaking out of the basket. This image is often used on our sketchpads/travel journals for kids.

My friend Kristi, me and my mom. Don't you love our CB Jackets? A total "must have" of the time. I think this photo is from 1983ish.... Do you see Rachel Ray in the background? I don't but maybe she was there too!!!

Balloons filling up

Air born

This blue and gold one was always my favorite. I went to Queensbury and those were our school colors.

PS. When I say Glens Falls, NY the typical response is "where is that?" so if you too are wondering, it's about 4 hours north of NYC - an hour north of the Albany, the capital.

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