Thursday, September 8, 2011

And Then....It All Comes Together

Would it surprise you to hear I had more than a few sleepless nights thinking about my Back to School Party? I knew I had the basics covered but it just wasn't quite coming together right. Fortunately, this morning I came up with a good idea that I think will pull everything together....perfectly! I thought to use these wood baskets to hold the items on the supply table.

I shared this idea with my husband, Greg, and he just didn't seem to have the same level of excitement. Help me out here..I know some of you ladies can relate to the excitement of finding something so right for your party! Greg responded that he didnt understand why we couldn't just lay the items on the table. Ummmm, I don't know where to begin on that one! It makes me think of Rodger from The Rachel Zoe Project and when he cant understand Rachel's obsession with a particular dress. When you get your mind set on something, nothing else will suffice!

I found these baskets at Michael's today. Perfect to hold the pencils, markers and crayons on the supply table. I need to add a sticker on the front on top of the ribbon.

Yay! They fit perfectly!

Love this fabric for the backdrop of the candytable. Its from Joanne's fabric. Did you see it on One Kings Lane yesterday too? Also thinking burlap for some reason might be great and go with the theme.

These jars I purchased at Michael's are great to display the bookmarks. A ribbon and a sticker will make these glass jars pop!

I found these at Staples today. I am going to write the kids names on them and arrange them around the front door. Wont the kids love seeing their names when they arrive? What a warm welcome. (These are actually sentence strips that I cut down to size in case you go to look for them. They are located by the teacher supplies)

I found these alphabet cards at Staples that I plan to use as a walk way guide to the party from the front door. They go so perfectly with the theme.

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